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About the Institute for International Studies

The primary purpose of the Institute for International Studies is to plan and coordinate the activities of the University’s divisions located outside the Czech Republic which provide tuition for accredited degree programmes taught in foreign languages. The Institute acts as a link between these foreign divisions and their ‘home’ faculties in Ostrava, helping to liaise and coordinate their activities on an international basis.

Currently the Institute for International Studies works mainly in conjunction with the University’s Faculty of Medicine and the division in Ticino, Switzerland (L.U.de.S. University of Human Sciences and Technology of Lugano), where tuition for the Bachelor programme Health Care Specialization/Physiotherapy (taught in Italian) was launched in the academic year 2011/2012. An application has also been submitted for accreditation of the Bachelor degree in Psychology (taught in Italian).

There are currently plans to create new international divisions of the University of Ostrava in Rome (non-medical health care degrees) and Dublin (IT degrees, non-medical health care degrees).

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